Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Changed Man.

Chris Brown is starting to slowly win my heart over again. I think he is truly sorry.. and I forgive him!!

What do you all think of this "apology" song?


Bianca S. said...

Yeah, I felt da exact same way...but then I started thinking: is he really this sorry because the whole world is litterally down his throat about it and his career might be all screwed up?? Because if he and rihanna were regular people, with no one in there business...would he REALLY be this sorry?? hmm...dunno

Neesh B Fly said...

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OMGits stacie said...

honestly, I could care less what happened between them. They were the only two people in that car that day. Not to say a woman should get boxed down for goin at her man but jus have to "know the type of nigga your fuckin wit" if he's the type who loses control..then know not to get outta pocket cuz you might get your ass boxed the fuk up simple as that.

&& i jus think he's sexy. & i love his singing voice.