Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Senior year wooo!


Today was the first day of school.... GRADUATION CAN NOT COME FAST ENOUGH.

Gosh... it feels like summer just went by so fast before I could even get some real enjoyment out of it. School was okay.. my classes are decent expect the last two I have Computer Graphic Design and Web Development back to back with the same teacher in the same room and its BORINGGG. Hopefully it will get better... we have like a whole new faculty.. new principal, dean, teachers etc. Im just hoping for a good and fast year lol. I cant believe im a SENIOR, omg i took senior pics yesterday and everything woww. I'm also gonna cherish this last year I have living in this house with my familyyy.

My expectations for 2009/2010 school year:
I hope there is NO DRAMA. I'm a senior and 17 and i refuse to deal with any grammar school baby stuff. I try to be nice to everyone and remain a likable person but its always gonna b like 1 person tht doesnt like you for like no reason and its nun u can do about it. Im just def focusing on me this year and making sure that im HAPPY. I want GREAT grades and to graduate knowing I did my best while I was in high school. I also want to remain a good role model for the underclassmen. Its a few freshman and sophmores that see me as their big sister and I try to give them advice and all tht good stuff. I have to do my best in order for me to b able to tell them to do their best right? I wanna get me a boyfriend this year. haha Lastly I want NOOO STRESS. =)

Have any of you started back to school yet? Highschool or college... how was your first day and what are your expectations for this year?


Jo said...

Your High school senior year is something you can never get back when its gone
so live it up

if your going to college fill out the Fasfa QUICKLY

Shy said...

my first day of senior yr was:BOMB! & quite awkward b/c we're the oldest & it just feels weird. plus there are all these freshman who are so fine & it's like lil boy you better stay an arms distance b4 i go to jail! lol all in all, i have a feeling the class of 2010 is gonna have a bomb year :D

Paige Mariah. said...

i agree!!

Anonymous said...

wow you just made me feel old.