Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Its Simple!

Leather Jacket, Plain White Tee, Distressed or Bleached Jeans, Cute Shoes! If you wear it right the simplest outfit can be chic! Would you all rather be comfortable and cute?.. or uncomfortable and sexy?? hmmm..
I keep loosing followers!! Whats going onn??.. yall are hurting my feelings!! =( lol anywaysss, i'm gonna start blogging more soon.. i just need some inspiration! lol What do you all want me to talk about??


Anonymous said...

to me it is always HOW you wear something.

And I personally hate when people use comfort as an excuse for their fashion mishaps because you can DEFINITELY be plain jane comfy and sexy as hell.

Allie said...

i'd rather be comfortable & cute.

Sorry that u're losing followers. A good way to keep them is to keep in touch with them. i'll follow u. follow me @ alliefarout.blogspot.com. Good luck. =)

Alextheestar said...

I LOVE all these looks! Especially Ciara's!