Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The big BF.

I've always been into all tht romantic lovey dovey stuff they show on TV or in Movies. I love watching the Notebook... and i'm secretly jealous of the cute couples I see walking around downtown holding hands. shhh! haha
Whenever I tell my friends that I want a boyfriend again.. they always say nooo you dont, its too much trouble..stress..drama. Whatever. They know if they were in my situation they would be saying the same thing. I've done the single thing for almost 9 months now.. I've experienced it... tlked to a lot of diff boys... and now im tired of being single haha. I mean I knoww I def don't need a guy to complete me.. but I can't help but think I'd be just a teensy weensy bit happier. lol I mean i'm a senior now.. i need a prom date gosh!!

Oh and have you guys noticed those certain ppl that get out of a relationship and in the nxt month they r in another 1! That used to make me think damn... why is it so easy for them/ what am I doing wrong?? lol. I realized though that those ppl have a hard time being alone.. which isnt good. I've seen that I can handle being alone and I'm proud. I don't ever suggest trying to find happiness from another person before you've found it in yourself first!

Things you miss when you're single lol:
1. Those extremely sweet goodmorning texts.
2. Someone to do cute things with.. like make a build a bear together or ride the farris wheel.
3. A person you can be completely comfortable with.. you knoww "sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on", because he accepts you flaws and all.
4. Surprise visits, just because he missed you.
5. Someone to make memories with.. taking a million cute pics or trying something new together.
6. Presents!! i mean come on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays.. haha
7. Someone you can vent too when everything is going wrong.. and all they need to say is "its gonna be okay baby" and everything feels better.

Thats just a few things on my *dream* boyfriend list.. and I mean you dont have to have a boyfriend to have all these things either.. I just feel its better when its that 1 special person. uhhhh.. well i'll just have to see what the future holds right??

What's 1 thing on your boyfriend list?? Dont be shy! I know you have one too. =)


Anonymous said...

yea. I've been in them...and those things don't happen for me...on exception of a few...

Shay said...

i completely understand where you're coming . i dont mind being alone , but sometimes that other person is sometimes wanted . its not needing a boyfriend , but simply wanting one . i want a mature relationship . walk in the park , holding hands kind of a relationship . buying me flowers JUST BECAUSE . that sounds real good :)

btw. the notebook is my favorite movie ! ahh , to have a love like Noah & Allie .

Kayvona B said...

I have a boyfriend and everything you listed is exactly what he doesn't do, smh :( One things on my list is a boyfriend who will go to the movies with me, and not just the good movies but the fun lil kid movies too, like Alven & the Chipmunks 2 lol

Shy said...

just wanted to say that my internet has been down, & i've missed your blog like crazy! it's great to be back :)

i have a bf, & fortunately everything that you listed he does, for now. I guess i'd just like him to keep it up!

ps. love love love the notebook! i watch it every time it comes on :)

Paige Mariah. said...

Shy- omg this has to b my favorite comment ever! im happy 2 hear tht u missed my blog and actually enjoy it. tht makes me what to keep it upp. thanks loveee. =)

Justin said...

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