Sunday, January 10, 2010

but baby.. i lovee you!

boy- baby i loveee you. i just want 1 pic to think of you. i promise its just for my eyes only.
girl- but i really don't feel comfortable doing thatt.
boy- if you really loved me and trusted me, it wouldnt be tht big a deal!

how many times have you girls heard tht lol?? I was watching this commercial recently and at first i'm like wtf.. why is this girl naked?? lol but it was about this girl who's boyfriend covinced her to send a naked picture of herself and he said he would never show any1... and i guess the conclusion was tht he did because she was like openly naked in the commercial.

soo many girls get tlked into "sexting" all the time and i think its saddd. these boys always sayyy they arent gonna show any1.. but even if they mean it wen they say it... later on they r gonna wanna show some1.. whether u all are broken up or even still together. I've been asked to send x rated pics like numerous times... even today actually lmao. but i neverrr do it.. because my reputaion is VERY important to me && one lapse of judgement can ruin it all. i actually remember an ex telling me tht he was in the locker room 1 day at school and a picture of someone I knew was being shown around to every1.. she had sent it a while ago..and didnt even tlk to the boy anymore.. but once you release something like tht into the public, it can def come back to haunt you.. even years laterr!! (Vanessa Williams *cough cough).

What do you all think about "sexting"? Do you trust the person you are in a relationship with to have naked pictures of you on their phones or computer?

here's the commercial tht got me thinking. i think it really will open up the eyes of a lot of girls!

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Shandra E...*the misses said...

Great post/topic!! I recently saw an episode on Law& Order SVU where a girl was arrested and charged for child pornography because she sent photos of herself to a guy who was Over-Age!!! it's crazy how serious/blown-up these things can get!!

that was a great site too...a lot of cool videos on their!