Sunday, January 17, 2010

soo.. i'm a rapper now!

okayy not really lol. this program i'm in took us to a recording studio recently and they let us make our own songgg. we wrote our verses in like 5 min and then jus went in the booth and layed it downnn lmao. it was so muchh fun. i mean since every1 and their grandma thinks they r a rapper noww.. why not? haha


Kayvona B said...

Lol, makes me wanna go record something right now lol

Stolid charisma said...

Paige killed it..

How much does studio time cost?

Paige Mariah. said...

lol thank youu! and idk i was with a program so it didnt cost me anythingg.

Stolid charisma said...

Free? Hmmm..

We the readers are beginning to
wonder if this programme is u breaking into the people place..