Saturday, April 17, 2010

the countdown begins.

Prom is in less then 2 weeks!!

i just made my app 2 get my makeup done yesterdayy.
and i ordered my shoes online this week too...

but i still have no accessories, or a clutch/purse!

(if anyone knows a good accessories website or store..comment please!! lol)

but anywayss.. as it gets closer im starting to get a little more excitedd.
my dress is gorgeousss! i can't stop touching it and looking at it lol. i can't wait to get all dressed up and pampered lol and take 1023939 pics && ride in the limo with my bestfriendss..

i just hope everything goes according to plan.. because if it doesnt.. every1 who knows me already knows lol.. i will most likely turn into PROMZILLA!!! lmaoo

but wait do you know what prom means??? less than a month till my bday-May 26th and graduation-May 27th!!

i'm gonna post pics so you all can see me in my beautiful dresss lol and with my date and stuff.

PS. i have a new header for my blog.. i hope you like it. =)
i promise to start blogging more often... even though i think my life will be a lot more interesting wen im at college in the fall haha. ohh && hii!! to my new followers and thank you to the ones who have stuck with mee! and dont forget, i love comments too and thts wat keeps me blogging!


Kayvona B said...

OMG my prom is in exactally 3 weeks and I'm so excited...I still dont have a date :( but I'll still have fun regardless :)

and once a good girl goes BAD; she's gone forever. said...

my prom is april 30th & i don't have a date either. lol.
i'm going with my bestfriend!