Friday, April 9, 2010

my little trip to the VA.

sooo did i tell you guys that i committed to Hampton University??
yess. paid that $600 deposit and sent in my residence forms.
i'm excited,nervous, anxious, idkk i prolly couldn't find the right words to describe it..even if i sat here all day lol.
but yeah. its pretty much official. i neverrr would of thought I would be going to college out of state.. the way my mom is lol.. but its happening, its really happening.
i'm kinda at this point right now that i'm just ready.. its time to move on. highschool has been nice.. but its been comfortable. i'm going to Hampton to be uncomfortable.. if that makes any sense? This is gonna be something so totally new and different for me..and thats what I really need right now. a fresh start.
After lotsss of begging my agreed to let me go to Hampton for highschool day on April 2nd. It where all the admitted students are on campus and they have like tours all day, open houses, and lots of food! I went on the plane by myself for the first timeee lol and I stayed with my cousin at her apt.(she goes to hampton too) I got to meet a lot of ppl that I had been talking to on facebook that already went to hampton and tht are going there nxt year too. It was a lottt of fun.. and pretty much the highlight of my spring break since the rest of it has been pretty DEAD.


Ashley W. said...

awhh congrats!!! I go to Hampton too!!! your going to love it down here in VA!!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! I'm always excited when people first take off for college... especially when they challenge themselves as you will to leave the nesty comfort zone!!! GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!!! :) I went "away" to Irvine where Black people were scarce! lol..I LOVED IT!! They say "High school years are the best of your life", but i beg to differ! College is where you truly began to shapen who you will be for the rest of your life! So many Life lessons and so much growth happens during those few years! I'm really excited & can only imagine how proud your family must be!

BEST WISHES...I'll remember to include your name in my prayers! :)

& it's good you'll have someone out there...i had no one (although my moms/home was merely an hour &a half away)! lol..stay focused & true to Who you were craeted to be ;)

AsiahNekole said...

YYYAAAYYYY Im so happy for you!!!! I know what you mean, about wanting to start fresh. I think most of us seniors that are goal driven are in that faze right now, where we just want to get out and live our own lives, the lives that we want. I hope that you continue your blog in college, I know fashion is going to be crazy up there :) && best wishes to you on whatever you decide to major in.

Kayvona B said...

Congratz!! My friend was there with an HBCU Tour and she said it was sooooooo Man I wish I woulda went :(

Paige Mariah. said...

thanks every1! =) =)
and yess i will def continue my blog in collegee. hopefully my life will b muchh more interesting then! lol